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    Complete Technology Solutions

    K3 Systems is a collection of IT professionals with a wide breath of experience and expertise. For over 12 years we have been committed to improving the technical environment of our clients' businesses. Businesses that span from industrial and financial to non-profit behavioral health; small sole proprietor home-based businesses to global enterprises with thousands of employees and hundreds of locations.



Custom Systems



K3 Systems can help your business grow by designing networks and telecom systems that are specific to you. We have years of experience creating large and small business systems that are efficient and scalable. As your business grows you will have no unseen network expansion problems with a system designed by K3 Systems.

Software Development

Do you need custom in-house software developed to help you gain a competitive edge in your industry? K3 Systems can develop or build on your current software to help you grow and innovate.

Cable Installation

Are you moving in to a larger office space? Or adding employees? You need to make sure that your voice and data networking is set up correctly to handle all of your business needs.

Businesses today need voice and data networking, fiber optic data networking, video surveillance networking (CCTV) and VoIP telephone systems, all of which can't be install by an inexperienced person, both for safety and regulatory reasons. K3 Systems will make sure all of your networking cable installation is done accurately and safely.

Managed Services Provider

K3 Systems is a managed services provider that will take the lead of your Information Technology Systems. With our state of the art remote support approach, we monitor, support and manage your entire network. Let our team of professionals maintain all of your software and hardware and make sure your business is never interrupted.

To add more flexibility, K3 Systems also offers a variety of billing solutions to match your individual level of support needs.

img_1Full Vision Consulting

Our team of experienced networking, telecom, development, management and marketing personnel, is happy to help your business succeed with audits and recommendations. K3 Systems provides the expertise for everything you need to help your business succeed.

Surveillance & Lost Prevention

Don't let the bad guys win. Installing Surveillance can help keep your businesses losses to a minimum and can help your customers feel safe when doing business with you. K3 Systems can install complete control surveillance systems with remove viewing and DVR capabilities. Save money and protect your business.

Virtual Business Operation

Let's face it, hardware and software is expensive and if your business is not using it efficiently, you are losing money every month. K3 Systems can help you save money by using your existing hardware and software in the most effective ways possible.

By employing a technique called Virtualization, we can set up a single physical machine that can run multiple virtual machines at the same time, using only one environment. This will save your business time and money.

img_3Telecom Services

In today's business world, communication is more important than ever. You need to be able to reach not only your customers, but your staff, vendors and distributors across several platforms.

K3 Systems provides full telecommunications audits to help make sure you are properly connected and getting the most from your carriers.

Data & Network Security

In today's data and web based business environments, security threats to your business and your data is a very real concern. K3 Systems offers cutting edge network security implementation to protect you from all types of digital risks.

From protecting customer data to making sure your hardware is not endangered, our top to bottom approach will find all of your current risks and help avoid any data breaches.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters sound like bad things, and they are. Imagine, what would your business do if all of your critical system for day to day operations were not available? Or what if all of your invoicing data was lost?

Unfortunately, disasters can happen and it is crucial to have a disaster recovery plan to make sure your critical data and systems can be recovered at any time.

K3 Systems can help your business create a plan that will help you successfully recover all of your data and get your systems back online to avoid long downtimes.

Call Us Today and let us help your business be prepared not matter what comes along.